Pregnant Women

Many times pregnant women are seen to be handicapped, but they are not. Just like women who are not expectant, pregnant women need exercise just as much. Exercise during pregnancy can improve your overall health as well as stamina and heart health. It may seem to be dangerous, but if it is done correctly, there is nothing to worry about.

Safe exercises for pregnant women


This is the best exercise for a pregnant woman. This exercise will help you get ahgfgsdfgdgsdjhdsjfhsdjfhsd cardiovascular workout without impacting your knees and ankles. It will also help get rid of hip pain, lower and
upper back pain and rounding of the shoulders.


Most women find it pleasant to be in water because swimming bears low weight which makes it quite enjoyable. It does not put pressure on your joints or muscles. And with swimming, there is no chance of falling on your belly hurting the baby. It is not good for posture and strength, but it is excellent for weight management and cardio. Also, it can be continued even up to the ninth month.


Just like swimming running is splendid for weight management and cardio. But unlike swimming that can be continued up to the ninth month, running can get painful and uncomfortable as your stomach grows bigger, and so it can only be performed to some point of the pregnancy period.


Yoga helps you relax, stimulates circulation, and strengthens your muscle system, which is beneficial during pregnancy since it manages blood pressure. It also helps you maintain flexibility and keeps your joints limber.

Lifting weight

Weight lifting is safe when you are pregnant. Just go for a lower weight than usually. You might also consider machines, which reduce chances of injury and limit motion range. It helps with weight management, muscular imbalances, and posture. And more importantly, it prepares you for postnatal lifting.

Low-impact aerobics

These include fast running, leaps, high kicks, and jumping. One foot is kept on the ground all through so that balance is maintained and the amount of stress is limited on your joints. Aerobic exercise helps with the strengthening of the lungs and heart and also muscle tone maintenance.

Stationary bike riding

In general riding, a stationary bike is completely safe. Without exerting a lot of hhjghgfjghdfkghdfkhghkddstress on the
joints, cycling helps you increase your heart rate.

The mentioned exercises are completely safe for a pregnant woman. But you can always check with your health caregiver before starting or continuing with any of the exercises.