girl in pink bikini

Benefits of Bikini Waxing

There are plenty of grooming choices for a woman’s pubic hair. You can leave it bushy, shave it, use a depilator razor, or wax it. Lately, bikini waxing has been a popular choice. Not only is it fast, it also makes the pubic hair grow slower. When the pubic hair grows after waxing, they are thinner and softer as oppose to being bold and thick.

Waxing also reduces the risk of getting ingrown hair. On other parts of the body such as underarms and legs, many women have already preferred waxing the hair on those body parts rather than shaving or using hair removal creams. So, what are other benefits of bikini waxing?

girl in bikini on boatSexier Appearance

You might notice that in a lot of R-rated movies, the nude scenes seem to show the actresses having no pubic hair at all. It is completely bald down there, and they seem to be confident about it. Having your pubic hair bikini waxed will leave you feeling bare and naked, and it will make you feel sexier overall. It can boost your confidence in the bedroom and in lingerie. Even throughout the day, knowing that you have no hair down there can make you feel more aroused and sexy.

Zero Moisture

Moisture and darkness is heaven for bacteria and fungus to grow. No one wants that around their intimate area. This is why most doctors advise women to change their underwear regularly, wear only breathable cotton underwear, and to change immediately after a sweaty workout. They also recommend women to always wipe from the front to back after urinating.

However, pubic hair can increase the moisture in your vaginal area by trapping the water after you shower or urinate. Getting a bikini wax will result in your intimate area drying faster after these activities. You’ll only need to wipe yourself once and you’re good to go. Shortly, it is healthier for your intimate area to be waxed bald.

girl sleeping on bedComfort During Menstruation

Every woman knows the discomfort of wearing a sanitary pad and causing your pubic hair to sweat and itch during menstruation. It is icky, messy, and sort of disgusting. It is also harder to clean during menstruation since little lumps of blood like to stick on your pubic hair. Having your pubic hair removed by bikini waxing will ensure that you are comfortable during that time of the month. Even when it grows, it will grow thin hair that doesn’t make your period more messy than it already is.